Who Decided Injury Cash Money Was Needed To Help Injured People?

Who Decided Injury Cash Money Was Needed To Help Injured People?

When One of our happiest clients asked who started Injury Cash Money they followed that question up with why they started it. These two questions form the bedrock of how we function, how we take care of our client and our reason for being. Let me explain…

A highly experienced attorney in Tucson was representing their client and they were going to trial in a few short weeks. The attorney was as certain as she could be that she had the facts to prove the case and win a fair settlement. The difficult part is there was an offer from the insurance company that would help her client pay the bills they had (bill collectors call and call and call) with very little left over for actual compensation for her client’s injuries. Her client and his wife could not handle the bill collectors hounding them and they were worried about their phone and electricity being disconnected.

It is unlawful and a violation of their law license for an attorney to advance or loan money to a client for any reason. Insurance companies know this and quietly use it to their advantage. The other reality is insurance companies and defendants don’t typically need money to be advanced so this leaves the injured person in the most difficult position. The attorney reached out to a service that offered non-recourse loans and she was shocked at the cost and difficulty of helping her client obtain the money.

After the loan was completed and the case was tried and won the money advanced was repaid at a very steep price. While the non-recourse loan provided the time to wait out the insurance company it came at too high a price. The client’s attorney didn’t want to see this happen to another person with a legitimate claim and as a result Injury Cash Money was born. She created the process to be simple, fast and affordable. If you’ve been injured and you are running low on cash we may be able to help! Call us sooner as opposed to later!   

Injury lawsuits may take months or even years to settle which is why we provide fast funding for plaintiffs. Injury Cash Money helps to provide a level of financial security during this. We live in this world and our staff understands the stress involved with these cases. Every individual at Injury Cash Money takes great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required. Pay ONLY If You Win! Contact us at info@injurycashmoney.com or call 833-4-CASH-45 – 833-422-7445

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