Self-Employed, Injured And Need Financial Help? Injury Cash Money Can Help!

Self-Employed, Injured And Need Financial Help? Injury Cash Money Can Help!

When you are self-employed and become injured as a result of someone else’s negligence it seems like your troubles are somehow magnified overnight. All of a sudden you are concerned about your own well being, you may have a family that relies on you and your support and your business needs to function without you. You attorney tell you how strong your case is but that won’t fund the needs of your family or your business. What are your options?

Some business owners employ their business credit options and this may be a great option for the short term but repayment starts right away and the preservation of your available money is your current goal. You could leverage your cash reserves and you will eventually run into the same issue with preserving your cash. These are both poor options especially when compared to the freedom and flexibility of a “non-recourse” loan from Injury Cash Money.

Let’s start be explaining what a “non-recourse” loan actually is. This is a cash advance of your potential settlement that frequently costs less than a business credit loan. A “non-recourse” loan allows you to leave your cash in the bank while lending you much of the cash you need for daily expenses. A loan of this nature solves most, if not all of your money issues without the hassles of monthly payments. The best part of a non-recourse loan from Injury Cash Money is if you don’t win your case you owe nothing and your credit will not ever be impacted!

Injury lawsuits may take months or even years to settle which is why we provide fast funding for plaintiffs. Injury Cash Money helps to provide a level of financial security during this. We live in this world and our staff understands the stress involved with these cases. Every individual at Injury Cash Money takes great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required. Pay ONLY If You Win! Contact us at or call 833-422-7445

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