Mom Was Injured And Couldn’t Take Care Of Her Kids… Her Family Needed To Hire A Nanny!

Mom Was Injured And Couldn’t Take Care Of Her Kids… Her Family Needed To Hire A Nanny!

Different people have different stories. Those stories have different needs. We helped a family recently and while mom didn’t work for a paycheck outside the home. There was a huge personal and economic benefit to her family from what she was doing but no one was actually giving her a check.

While she was working to regain her health with going to doctor appointments and following doctor’s orders (orders including rest) her health and children were suffering. She delayed reaching out to Injury Cash Money simply because since she didn’t actually get paid a wage, she thought there was no chance she could be approved for a non-recourse loan. Once she reached out to Injury Cash Money, she found the truth to be very different.

After the Injury Cash Money did a review of the facts surrounding her cash, she was about to get money into her pocket even faster and easier than she hoped she would. Here’s what she did with the money to help her family. She and her husband were able to hire a nanny to help with the children, one of whom was an infant at the time she was injured. Thankfully none of the children were with her at the time of the accident so the biggest impact for them was lack of time and care from mom.

Her attorney will include the cost of the nanny when the final settlement demand is submitted and the hope is she will have those funds returned to her as well in the settlement. There are far reaching impacts from being victimized by someone else’s negligence and being able to employ a nanny to help with the children prevented additional victims. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence and need money the likelihood is Injury Cash Money can help! Call us today!

Injury lawsuits may take months or even years to settle which is why we provide fast funding for plaintiffs. Injury Cash Money helps to provide a level of financial security during this. We live in this world and our staff understands the stress involved with these cases. Every individual at Injury Cash Money takes great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required. Pay ONLY If You Win! Contact us at or call 833-4-CASH-45 – 833-422-7445

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