What is pre-settlement funding?

Pre-Settlement funding refers to the time period after a claim has been brought by a plaintiff and the time prior to the execution of the settlement agreement or judgment. During this period of time the legal claim is pending and unresolved. This is a difficult time for most litigants due to the uncertainty in regards to what happens next. This is the time when the claimant may still be treating with doctors, this is when depositions may be taken and there may also be time spent waiting for a courtroom where the case can be heard by a judge.

Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance or funding based on future unresolved claims.

Do you require a credit check?

No. There are no Credit checks required for lawsuit funding and any amount funded will not appear on your credit report. Your credit score will not be affected.

Is pre-settlement plaintiff funding a loan?

No! A Pre-settlement cash advance is NOT a loan or monetary debt that needs to be repaid. Pre-settlement funding is defined as a non-recourse cash advance. Non-recourse means the advance is ONLY repaid if you win your case. In the event your case is unsuccessful, the cash is yours to keep. Period!

How do I get started?

Call us at 833-4-CASH-45 or complete our cash advance application form.

Do you contact my attorney?

In many instances our clients are referred to us from their attorney of record. The attorney has a clear understanding of how long litigation can last and they have seen first-hand how that delay may impact their client. In the event you contact Injury Cash Money before talking to your attorney rest assured that we will contact your attorney. Our in-office team will need to review your case for funding eligibility. We ask that you provide the contact information for your Attorney and any paralegal assigned to your case when you contact our team.

How long does the funding process take?

Once our team has received the necessary information a decision on funding will be made within 48 hours. Our team knows that you need money as soon as possible often for food, rent, car payments and utilities. We work with people dealing with these issues and while your attorney is advancing costs for your case we will often advance costs for living and day-to-day expenses. Injury Cash Money can fund aspects of your case that your attorney is legally forbidden to fund. We all work as a team.

What happens if I lose the case?

For many of our clients the most liberating aspect is should you lose your case you owe us nothing!

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