Considerations Surrounding Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Considerations Surrounding Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Seriously injured people quickly learn about the complexity and cost of those injuries. The first thing is the shock of the event and that quickly moves to seeking care, the cost of care and the impact on your family. This is the point when most victims seek legal advice and subsequently retain an attorney. This is a very good choice.

Litigation attorneys will work your case in such a manner to support your claim for compensation. Financial compensation is the only way you can be made whole since no one can magically make your injuries disappear. Any attorney working to get you a reasonable settlement for your injuries knows time is an important element. Considering your specific injuries is a critical aspect of success for you and your family.

Frequently, the insurance company knows when they drag their feet on settling your claim that you may become desperate for cash. This delay may make you consider settling for less than case value to generate needed cash. This is also when you may consider a pre-settlement loan.

Injury Cash Money was started by a litigation attorney with over 20 years of experience battling with insurance companies. One of her clients needed funding to put food on the table and pay rent. Since it is unlawful for your attorney of record to loan money against any potential settlement her client was forced to use a nationwide firm. The cost was astronomical to say the least. Consider all of the costs of pre-settlement funding. Choosing to get funding from Injury Cash Money who has one of the lowest interest rates in the industry makes a lot of sense. Always remember… These are non-recourse loans and if you don’t win you owe NOTHING!    

Injury lawsuits may take months or even years to settle which is why we provide fast funding for plaintiffs. Injury Cash Money helps to provide a level of financial security during this. We live in this world and our staff understands the stress involved with these cases. Every individual at Injury Cash Money takes great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required. Pay ONLY If You Win! Contact us at or call 833-4-CASH-45 or  833-422-7445

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