If you don’t win you don’t owe anything!

Injury Cash Money was started by a Personal Injury Litigation attorney after she witnessed first-hand how prolonged litigation affected her clients. Frequently, an injury will prevent you from returning to work and during the time spent healing your bills continue to mount. The psychological impact of financial stress impacts your recovery. This is why we started the company. Injury Cash Money specializes in cash advances to plaintiffs so they can focus on their recovery. We get you the money you need fast!

Personal Injury Victim/ Plaintiff – Injury Cash Money was started to help Personal Injury Victims with pre-settlement lawsuit funding. A pre-settlement advance helps you pay for your day-to-day life while you receive medical treatment, heal and your attorney works to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

The reality is the time you spend getting medical care, time spent determining your long-term injury status and time spent waiting to settle your case can extend from weeks to years. Many people in this place need money to pay for rent, utilities, automobile expenses and everything else that funds your activities of daily living. Injury Cash Money helps with pre-settlement funding without upfront cost and at no risk toy you whatsoever! If you don’t prevail you owe nothing with no impact to your credit! You get a part of your life back while your attorney fights for you!

Medical Care/ Health Care Funding – Often times, injured people find it difficult to impossible to pay upfront for the medical care they require to get well. This care can comprise everything from basic wound care to chiropractic and all the way to surgical intervention. Injury Cash Money can help!

Injury Cash Money can pay for the treatment you need and we often pay the provider directly in as little as two days after billing. There are NO up-front costs for this service! Our team will work directly with your health care providers to help you get the care you require. We get repaid from the settlement ONLY if you win.

All pre-settlement funding provided by Injury Cash Money are considered to be Non- Recourse. Non-Recourse means the funding is provided without regard to the outcome of your case and you pay only if your case settles in your favor. In the event your case does not settle in your favor you owe nothing and repay nothing without impact to your credit score.

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