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Personal Injury lawsuits are by their very nature very complex. Cases often take months or even years to settle and get the plaintiff reasonable compensation for their injuries. This is why Injury Cash Money was started. Injury Cash Money provides fast funding for plaintiffs and this funding may allow you to bridge the time between application for funding and case settlement. Injury Cash Money may provide you an increased level of financial security during this uncertain time. We live in the personal injury world and our staff understands the stress involved with these cases. Every individual at Injury Cash Money takes great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required and nothing will ever appear on your credit report.

Most of our clients take a great deal of comfort knowing that they ONLY repay the funds If they win their case! Every cash advance we make is a “non-recourse advance.” This means that should you lose your case you don’t owe anything. Apply today – the process is easy. After we speak to your attorney about the facts of the case and have reviewed your records we respond with our cash advance decision within 48 hours. Apply now!

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